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New building in the center of Techelsberg: 1st prize

Year 2018

Category Public

Location Techelsberg

Renderings spado architects


The starting point of the project was the need for a new community center. At that time, St. Martin am Techelsberg was a street village without a defined village center.

The new community center was to be understood as a house of the community and to meet the communicative needs of the citizens beyond the office space. The construction of the object was also connected with the creation of a multifunctional open space of appropriate quality.

In 2018, an invited competition was announced. The winning project was the design by spado architects and architect Ernst Roth.

Excerpt from the jury minutes: „The decisive factor for the nomination as first place was, among other things, the clever urban planning arrangement of the new municipal building.

The angular object of the design, on the one hand, created the necessary distance from the existing garage of the neighbor, and on the other hand, it captured the village square in its size to the south. The arrangement of the hall at the level of the square with its north-south orientation (towards the church in the north and the landscape in the south) was particularly highlighted by the jury.

The spatial quality as well as the internal organization was also positively evaluated by the users. The solution for the development of the parking spaces for the community was offered conclusively via the parking lot of the Ulbing Inn in the form of a short ramp as a parking deck.

A further qualification point of the project: the external appearance of the building with its restrained facade design, its widely extending canopies and the formation of an extensive flat roof greening.„

Pictures of the finished project at Techelsberg Community Centre

Ortszentrum Techelsberg, Lageplan

Fig. 1
site plan

Fig. 2
floor plan ground floor