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Competition entry Waldvilla in Velden am W├Ârthersee

Year 2022

Category economy

Location Velden am W├Ârthersee

Renderings spado architects


Invited, single-stage realization competition for a boutique hotel


ÔÇ×With the opening of the Imperial and Royal Southern Railway in 1864, numerous Viennese came to Carinthia and had magnificent villas built by the lake. This W├Ârthersee Architektur radiates its special charm through the harmonious integration of the architecture into the surroundings. The villas, mostly built for the purpose of summer retreats and not inhabited all year round, were built with a special relationship to the lake and nature... Loggias and terraces allow views of the lake and, in combination with bay windows and gables, structure the fa├žades - often with romantic playfulness.ÔÇť (Heimo Kramer on W├Ârthersee Architektur)

The existing Waldvilla, located in the traffic-calmed, southern area of Velden Bay, also fits in with this type of stand-alone villa surrounded by nature, with some compromises in terms of architectural quality.


A contemporary interpretation of the ÔÇ×W├Ârthersee villaÔÇť type was designed on the footprint of an existing villa. Three above-ground storeys and an attic storey were combined to form a monolithic structure.

A polygonal floor plan was chosen in order to preserve private open spaces that cannot be seen and to structure the building mass. Projections and recesses create light and shadow, creating an expressive structure.

Waldvilla Velden am W├Ârthersee, mittig: Villa Helene, rechts: Waldvilla Velden, Quelle: Archiv der Marktgemeinde Velden am W├Ârther See

Fig. 1
center: Villa Helene, right: Waldvilla Velden, source: Archiv der Marktgemeinde Velden am W├Ârther See

The polygonal floor plans create flowing spaces that open up to the lake and the natural surroundings. A clear separation of closed fa├žade surfaces and seamless glazing structures the fa├žade.

Dark-colored concrete as fa├žade and roof material strengthens the monolithic and representative appearance of the villa. The color subtly interweaves the villa with the forest and natural surroundings.┬á

The result is an organic unity of building and exterior space, characterized by dynamic spatial structures and elegance.


The central arrival, restaurant and bar area for hotel guests is located on the first floor. Spatial compression in the entrance area and decompression towards the lake characterize this zone: a dynamic sequence of rooms opens up towards Lake W├Ârthersee.┬á