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house FIT

Year 2014

Category private

Photos Kurt Kuball


The design is inspired by the traditional boathouses at the Carinthian lakes and takes the idea one step further.

The house is placed on a wooden platform, which acts as an extension of the interior.

A simple wooden house is erected on this basis.

Haus FIT, Bestand vor dem Umbau

Fig. 1
Building before conversion

Haus FIT, Skizze, Erstentwurf

Fig. 2
sketch preliminary draft

The ground floor is conceived as a flowing space continuum and is zoned by means of room-dividing elements (steps, kitchen island, wood stove). Omitting the walls provides the area with the greatest possible sense of space.

Haus FIT, Wintergarten im OG

Fig. 3

Winter garden in the upper floor. There are two rooms on the upper floor, which are connected to the west-facing winter garden by sliding doors. The bathroom and a storage room are arranged to the east.

Haus FIT, nach Ma├č angefertigter Au├čengrill

Fig. 4

Grill oven in the outdoor area. The house also has a boating theme in terms of functionality and haptic. All the fitted furniture and decorative items have been optimised with regard to storage space and multiple use. The materials used are of a high haptic quality.