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spado architects   ZT gmbh.   harald weber & hannes schienegger
st. veiter strasse 146    9020 klagenfurt     austria     tel. + fax: +43 463 428210

collaboration: elisabeth spieß, magdalena binder, sebastian horvath, lukas kucher, fabian stippernitz, massimo vuerich, jasmin schienegger, christof malle.


spado architects:

spado is a partner based, interdisciplinary planning office, which works in the fields of architecture, landscape and project developments.  the perception of spaces and places takes a key role in the work of spado.  spatial concepts are developed in intensive dialogues with clients and partners, which base on a holistic approach to combine individual circumstances with economic and aesthetic aims.  a exercised team assures the professional and efficient realization of the projects.

competitons, awards, exhibitions, events, press, cv: >>>


involved in the development of spado architecture since 1999:

<< christof malle < massimo vuerich < daniel steger < markus steger < anna jerabek < fabian stippernitz < katharina hainscho < ivan augustinovic < lukas kucher < anja tauchmann < sebastian holzer < magdalena binder < sebastian horvath < sandra ratz < elias molitschnig < erich krappinger < nadine wernig < elisabeth spieß < udo hülle < anita wagner < jasmin schienegger < sophie grünewald <  sabine mosser <  michael strauss  <  bettina unterweger  <  angela pugganig  <  linda kerschbaumer  <  martina nageler  <  mario huber  <  walter waldl  <  nina schreiner  <  martin pabis  <  patrick jaritz  <  hannes schienegger  <  mario buxbaumer  <  christian trügler  <<< start spado 1999.


friends: the latest projects were developed with the following teams:
kurt kuball, wien
severin wurnig, wien
gernot steindorfer, trausdorf
dominik scheuch, vienna
nan architects and landscapes. vienna
ogris.wanek, klagenfurt
noncon:form, vienna
ernst roth, feldkirchen


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