Domäne Lilienberg

A tranquil, square building rises up above the existing hilltop site. It is the main building in the Lilienberg domain, and as such an annex to the already existing operational facility in which the wine is processed.

The main building, which serves as a wine tavern, picks up on the materiality and architectural language of the operational facility. Clear forms, straight lines and cubic volumes characterise the now-completed ensemble.

The large roof, ca. 750 m² in size, is set upon 4 solid cornerstones. These contain the serving areas such as office, kitchen, warehouse, a movie theatre and a lounge.
What remains is an open space continuum along the vista axis, which generously combines the interior and exterior spaces.


Link: Domäne Lilienberg

Architecture: spado architects, interior: Rooms, photos: Kurt Kuball (c)



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