Techelsberg Community Centre on Lake Wörth
Competition, 1. Prize
spado architects and Architekt Ernst Roth
Photos: (c) Christian Brandstätter



The aim of this project was to give the village of St. Martin am Techelsberg a “centre” and thus the Techelsberg on Lake Wörth municipality a localised identity.


This new building functions as a space-forming element in the village, with visual relationships to its church, rectory, chaplaincy and pub.
Framed by the new community hall, a clearly defined open space is created – this central, full-scale square as the public space’s localised identity and focal point.
The assembly hall is conceived as a “landmark” at the architectural ensemble’s centre and is oriented towards the square and in line of sight of the south-eastern landscape. This connection accentuates the village’s identity-forming elements. The village square with its lime tree and viewing platform in the south form a multifunctional, continuous open space.


All essential functions are located on the square level, while partial areas are accommodated in the basement. The building’s interior areas are closely interlocked with the exterior areas of the square, thus creating flowing transitions. The village square “merges” with the foyer, Citizens' Service and communication areas. The multi-purpose hall can be opened generously towards the square as an extended spectator area.

The new community centre positions itself self-confidently in this strongly contoured public space through its independent design vocabulary. In dialogue with its historical, evolved environment, a square area, a clearly defined village centre is being formed.
The community hall is a visible “landmark”, while the administrative areas with their extensive roof greenery recede into the background.






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