Strandbad Cabin Tract, Klagenfurt          

Holzbaupreis Kärnten 2017:     Auszeichnung

Landesbaupreis Kärnten 2017: Anerkennung

Strandbad Klagenfurt, embedded in a unique natural area on the eastern shore of the Wörthersee, has several cabin tracts. For structural reasons, one of these tracts had to be replaced by a new construction.
The demand was to maximise the number of cabins and small booths in as compact a space as possible. On an area that previously housed 216 cabins and 137 small booths, space-saving planning enabled the construction of 455 new cabins and 524 new small booths.

The cabin tract makes reference to the entrance building and its flanking wings from 1927. The street-facing façade of the new building is structured by means of a rhythmic façade of wooden slats and concrete. The vertical wooden slats serve as a permeable filter between the parking spaces and the lake. The solid spines represent a material reference to the historical buildings to the north.

The entire cabin enclosure stretches across eleven finger-like buildings that are structured by means of spatially sophisticated inner courtyards. At ground level the courtyards have filigree seating, with a trellis and a pergola. The shady planting with clematis gives the courtyard areas a refuge-like atmosphere.

The tracts have cabins or small booths on both sides of the courtyards.
On the upper floor there is one row of cabins per tract, connected by a roofed passageway. The boardwalk surface here forms a terrace-like front zone with a sea view, and endows the cabin tract a Mediterranean flair, in combination with the courtyards that are flooded with daylight.
A connecting bridge, resembling a ship’s rail, joins all upper floor zones with three stairways. The southernmost building has been fitted with new sanitary facilities for this bathing area.

The shelf-shaped basic load construction is made from cross laminated timber. This construction is covered in the closed areas with slender, vertical larch cladding. In the portal area, door elements are installed in combination with satin-finished glass surfaces.
The interior surfaces and furniture of the cabins are made from cross laminated timber, or visual quality wood.
The single-pitch roof construction consists of a sheet of cross laminated timber with a larch underlay, resting on metal brackets.
Vertical, two-storey cross laminated timber slats serve as a light- and view-permeable filter between the public space and the Strandbad.

The access zone to the new cabin tract is designed by means of a square area with six shady sycamore trees, reed-like grasses, and seating.


Architecture: Architekt Ernst Roth & spado architects

aerial views: (c) Gert Steinthaler/Christian Brandstätter
Photos Strandbad: (c) Christian Brandstätter



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